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Panhard Cars
From pioneering Panhard et Levassor collaborating with Germany's Daimler the French company helped France to become an automobile leader. Using a V-twin engine to a design licensed from Gottlieb Daimler, the first Panhard et Levassor car was launched in 1890. Rene Panhard and Emile Levassor had formed their partnership in 1887. In 1891 the next Panhard et Levassor design had a front engine driving the rear wheels with a clutch and gearbox between, and this established the standard layout for motor vehicles until front wheel drive or rear engine/rear wheel drive became popular. From 1910 Panhard used Knight Sleeve Valve technology (as did British Daimler) in some of its cars and from 1924 until 1940 used its own Sleeve Valve design. Panhard also built trucks, buses and aero engines, and after WWII changed their name to simply 'Panhard'. The postwar aerodynamic Dyna X and Dyna Z used aluminium bodies in place of rationed steel, but Jean Panhard had not noticed that aluminium bodies cost more than 3 times the price of steel bodies. The 1955 Dyna Z was hastily re-engineered in steel. Panhard formed a partnership with Citroen from 1955 with Panhard using spare capacity to build Citroen 2CV commercials. By 1960 the Peugeot PL17 could be purchased at Citroen dealers. Meanwhile Citroen was busy buying Panhard shares and by 1965 had the whole company, and subsequently retired the 'Panhard' name in 1968. However, Panhard carried on making military vehicles until 2004.
aa_Panhard B-type 1902 badge
Panhard B-type 1902 - badge on grille. 'PL' stood for the partnership of Panhard et Levassor whose venture had produced its first car in 1890, and this Model B with its front radiator, engine, gearbox and rear wheel drive was the 'Systeme Panhard' which became common amongst motor cars until the 1950s.
aa_Panhard Dyna Z1 1956 badge
Panhard Dyna Z1 1956. Central 'cyclops' auxiliary lamp
aa_Panhard et Levassor X46 1924 badge
Panhard et Levassor X46 1924 - badge on grille. The 'SS' stands for 'Sans Soupapes' (without valves)
aa_Panhard PL17 1959 badgeb
Panhard PL17 1959 - badge on bonnet
ac_Panhard B-type 1902 head
Panhard B-type 1902. This 12hp car is powered by a 2411cc 4-cylinder front-mounted engine driving through a gearbox to the rear wheels. This layout was known as 'Systeme Panhard' and was adopted by most manufacturers until front and rear wheel drive cars were designed.
ac_Panhard et Levassor X46 1924 head
Panhard et Levassor X46 1924 with 'Sans Soupapes' Landaulette. The 'Sans Soupapes' name is a reference to the valveless technology licensed from American Charles Yale Knight. Panhard used the Knight system until 1924 when it came up with its own version and from thereon fitted this to its entire model range until 1940.
Panhard B-type 1902 front
Panhard B-type 1902. This 12hp car has a 4-seater rear entrance Tonneau coachwork
Panhard et Levassor X46 1924 front
Panhard et Levassor X46 1924 with 'Sans Soupapes' (Sleeve Valves). Powered by a 3,180cc four-cylinder Knight double sleeve-valve engine. Panhard had licensed the Sleeve Valve technology from Knight.
Panhard et Levassor X46 1924 rear
Panhard et Levassor X46 1924. Coachwork is by Salmons & Son of Newport Pagnell (Tickford) and is an open drive Landaulet
Panhard Dyna
Panhard Dyna Junior
Panhard PL17
Panhard 24 series
Citroen Dyane
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