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Marcos Cars
Jem Marsh and Frank Costin founded Marcos Cars in 1959 based on a plywood chassis using construction methods from Mosquito bombers. Metal chassis and engines big and small powered Marcos into and out of liquidation many times.


aa_Marcos 1000 badge
Marcos Mantis M70 - bonnet badge

aa_Marcos 1800 GT badge
Marcos 1800 GT - boot badge

aa_Marcos Mantis M70 badge0000
Marcos Mantis M70 - boot badge

ab_Marcos Mantis M70 grille
Marcos Mantis M70 - grille

ac_Marcos Mantis M70 head
Marcos Mantis M70. The Triumph 2.5litre 6-cylinder fuel injection engine was fitted under the bonnet.

Marcos 1800 GT front
Marcos 1800 GT. The original Marcos GT with wooden chassis and Volvo 1800cc engine. Designed by the Adams brothers. 100 built

Marcos 1800 GT wood
Marcos 1800 GT. The original Marcos GT designed by Dennis and Peter Adams and built using glued 3mm marine plywood for the chassis and a fibreglass body

Marcos 3000 GT front
Marcos 3000 GT. In 1969 Marcos returned to using a Volvo engine, the 3-litre six cylinder, for the American market. As assymetric bonnet bulge was needed to clear the Volvo carburretors

Marcos 3000 GT rear
Marcos 3000 GT. The 3000 Gt was produced for the American market from 1969 to 72, and 172 were sold

Marcos Mantis M70 front
Marcos Mantis M70. Introduced in 1970 and designed by the Adams Brothers, the Mantis was the first four seater produced by Marcos. It was powered by a 2500cc fuel injected Triumph six cylinder engine.

Marcos Mantis M70 rear
Marcos Mantis M70. Only 32 Marcos Mantis were built. It was launched at a time when the company had problems with the American market, and Marcos foundered, killing off the Mantis

n_Marcos Mantis M70 lamp
Marcos Mantis M70 - headlamp

s_Marcos 3000 GT side
Marcos 3000 GT. In 1969 Marcos abandoned the wooden chassis, and the Adam brothers re-engineered the car using 1½inch square steel tubing

t_Marcos Mantis M70 tail
Marcos Mantis M70

u_Marcos 3000 GT fuel filler
Marcos 3000 GT - fuel filler

w_Marcos 3000 GT windows
Marcos 3000 GT - windscreen

Costin-Nathan GT 1966 front
Frank and Mike Costin
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