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Lancia Lambda
Vincenzo Lancia designed the ground-breaking Lambda (named after the 11th letter of the Greek alphabet). Lancia's 11th car was the first car in the world to feature a moncoque chassis, the strength being obtained by running a tunnel down the centre of the car for the propshaft. This also meant the car was lower because the occupants sat beside the propshaft instead of up above it. Independent front suspension was also given to the Lambda by use of coil springs and sliding pillars. Power was provided by a 2124cc V4 sohc engine which powered the first 6 series of the car and was superseded by a new 2375cc V4 engine in 1926 and a 2569cc unit for the Series VIII in 1928. Lambda's were also given shock absorbers and four wheel brakes. Around 11000 Lancia Lambdas were built from 1923 to 1931
aa_Lancia Lambda Series VIII 1928 badge
Lancia Lambda Series VIII 1928 - badge on grille
ac_Lancia Lambda Series VIII 1928 head
Lancia Lambda Series VIII 1928. This view shows the sliding pillar front suspension first given to the Lambda at its launch in 1922 and good enough to suspend Lancias for the next 30 years
Lancia Lambda Series V 1925 front
Lancia Lambda 1925. In 1925 the Series V Lambda was in production gaining a 4-speed gearbox for its 2121cc V4 engine
Lancia Lambda Series VIII 1928 front
Lancia Lambda Series VIII 1928. In 1926 the Lambda had been given a new 2370cc V4 engine and the the 1928 Series VIII this was enlarged to 2570cc giving 69 bhp.
Lancia Lambda Series VIII 1928 rear
Lancia Lambda Series VIII 1928. One of the problems with the unitary construction of the Lambda is that there was no chassis on which to mount coachbuilt bodies. The same basic 'tub' seemed to be almost the only body, and sales were lost to people who needed to express their individuality.
m_Lancia Lambda Series VIII 1928 inside
Lancia Lambda Series VIII 1928 - interior
s_Lancia Lambda Series V 1925 side
Lancia Lambda 1925 Series V. The monocoque body limited body styles, with the open torpedo style being the main one, until the Series VIII which was given a more conventional chassis
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