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Jensen FF, FF II
'FF' stands for 'Ferguson Formula' and was the product of Harry Ferguson Research set up by Harry Ferguson after his tractor interests were sold. Ferguson wanted to make a four wheel drive car, and his R5 project was seen by Richard Jensen in 1959 and contact maintained. In 1965 a prototype Jensen CV8-FF was made, but the production version would have to wait for the Italian-designed Interceptor, and both the Interceptor and FF were exhibited at the 1966 London Motor Show. Jensen's FF was the world's first four wheel drive car, but there were teething troubles; the FF was designed as a right hand drive car, and the left hand drive cars were compromised in driving positions etc, and therefore handicapped on their largest potential market. The FF II was launched in 1969 with few changes, and when the Interceptor III was launched in 1971 a few FF cars were completed as Series III.
aa_Jensen FF II badgef
Jensen FF II. 'FF' stood for 'Ferguson Formula', and the FF was never an Interceptor, only a Jensen FF.
aa_Jensen FF II badgej
Jensen FF II. This later Interceptor differs from earlier models with this inset trapezoidal "Jensen" badge on the C-pillar
ac_Jensen FF I head
Jensen FF. The FF had en extra fold line on the top of the front wings and a wide bonnet scoop
ac_Jensen FF II 1970 head
Jensen FF II 1970 - The FF Jensen has a raised centre inlet on the bonnet. There is also a Ferguson badge on the grille.
Jensen FF I front
Jensen FF. The Series I FF had different front wings to the Interceptor, as well as different mechanics.
Jensen FF I rear
Jensen FF. FF and Interceptor did not differ at the rear
Jensen FFII 1970 frontb
Jensen FFII 1970. In 1969 modest changes were made to the Jensen FF to create the FF II
Jensen FFII 1970 fronty
Jensen FF II 1970 - The bonnet was 4-inches longer to carry the Ferguson drive system and carries 2 side vents.
Jensen FFII 1970 rearr
Jensen FF II.
Jensen FFII 1970 reary
Jensen FF II 1970 - The FF was the Ferguson Fourwheel drive version of the Interceptor. The bonnet was 4-inches longer to carry the Ferguson drive system and carries 2 side vents
l_Jensen FF II vent
Jensen Interceptor II - double vent behind the front wheel for the 4wheel drive FF model
t_Jensen FF I tail
Jensen FF
t_Jensen FFII 1970 tail
Jensen FF II. The FF is almost identical to the Interceptor at the rear, only the badging differs.
w_Jensen FF I wheel
Jensen FF. All FF cars had these twin wing vents, unlike the Interceptor which only had one. Series I cars had Rostyle wheels.
w_Jensen FF II wheel
Jensen FF II - front wheel (which is driven in this the 4wheel drive FF)
x_Jensen FF I 1968 sideg
Jensen FF I 1968
x_Jensen FF II 1970 side
Jensen FF II
Jensen Interceptor
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