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Jaguar MkIV, MkV
In March 1945 SS Cars Ltd became Jaguar Cars Ltd, and they also bought out the tooling of the Standard six cylinder engines for their own production, although the 4-cylinder engines continued to be made by Standard. Production of the 1.5-litre, 2.5-litre and 3.5-litre cars restarted with few changes although most cars were now saloons, and no 1.5-litre dropheads were now made. The 1946 benefitted from a new Hypoid bevel rear axle which allowed a lower car and a sleeker appearance. At the 1948 London Motor Show Jaguar announced the Jaguar MkV, which was significantly different to the prewar model (now referred to as 'MkIV'). The Mk V was launched with an all new rigid chassis with independent front suspension, hydraulic brakes, and only fitted with the six cylinder engines.
aa_Jaguar 1-5litre 1947 badge
Jaguar MkIV 1½-litre - grille badge
aa_Jaguar 3-5litre 1948 badge
Jaguar MkV 3.5litre - badge
aa_Jaguar 3-5litre MkV Ornament
Jaguar Mk V 3.5litre - leaping Jaguar
ac_Jaguar 1-5litre 1947 head
Jaguar MkIV 1.5litre. Launched in 1935 with a 1603cc Standard Twelve engine, this was upgraded to a 1776cc Standard Fourteen unit in 1938, and relaunched with this engine in 1946.
ac_Jaguar 3-5litre 1948 head
Jaguar MkIV 3½litre. The 3½litre engine was developed for the pre-war SS 100 and carried on to the postwar cars right up to the 1970s.
ac_Jaguar 3-5litre 1949 MkV head
Jaguar 3½litre 1949 MkV. Using the 3,485cc ohv inline six cylinder engine now made by Jaguar, the MkV was a stop gap car to sell until the MkVII could be launched.
Jaguar 1-5-litre 1948 front
Jaguar 1½litre 1948. Now known as the 'Jaguar MkIV', the 1½-litre went back into production in 1945
Jaguar 1-5-litre 1948 rear
Jaguar 1½litre 1948. The 1½-litre was re-introduced after the war, but only as a 4-door saloon, and not as a Tourer.
Jaguar 1-5litre 1947 front
Jaguar MkIV 1½-litre. Launched in 1935 as the SS Jaguar 1½litre with a 1608cc Standard engine, in 1938 it was given a Standard 117cc ohv engine. In 1945 'SS' was dropped and it became the 'Jaguar 1½litre. Notice the body similarity with the red Alvis TA14 (left of picture)
Jaguar 3-5litre 1948 front dhc
Jaguar MkIV 3½litre 1948 Drophead Coupe.
Jaguar 3-5litre 1950 MkV front
Jaguar MkV 3½litre 1950.
Jaguar 3-5litre 1950 MkV rear
Jaguar 3½litre 1949 MkV. The first of the Jaguar line rear was given to this MkV, transforming the boxy MkIV into something much sleeker
Jaguar 3.5-litre 1948 front
Jaguar 3½litre 1948. Re-introduced in 1945 the 3½-litre with its own 3,485cc inline six cylinder engine
l_Jaguar Mk5 3-5litre lamp
Jaguar MkV 3.5litre 1950
s_Jaguar 1-5litre 1948 side
Jaguar 1½litre 1948. Re-introduced in 1945 the 1½-litre Jaguar shared its body with the six cylinder Jaguars, but was 13-inches shorter.
s_Jaguar 3-5litre 1949 side
Jaguar 3.5litre 1946. Launched in 1937 with the 'SS' brand it was relaunched in 1945 as the Jaguar. The 3½Litre used a Standard 3485cc over-head valve six cylinder engine giving a top speed of 95mph.
s_Jaguar 3-5litre Mk5 1950 side
Jaguar MkV 3.5litre 1950.
s_Jaguar 3-5litre Mk5 1951 side
Jaguar MkV 3½litre
t_Jaguar 3-5litre 1948 tail
Jaguar MkIV 3.5litre 1948
t_Jaguar 3-5litre 1950 MkV tail
Jaguar MkV 3.5litre 1950
SS Jaguar
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