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Hillman Cars
William Hillman made a fortune on making bicycles in partnership with John Starley who went on to found Rover Cars. Business so good that they separated and created separate bicycle companies with Hillman's operation being called Auto Machinery. In 1907 Hillman started making cars, launching a 24HP Hillman-Coatalen designed by Louis Coatalen before the Breton went on to join Sunbeam in 1909. The first Hillmans were huge cars with engines up to 9-litres, but volume sales came with the introduction of the 9hp in 1913. After the First World War engine sizes again grew with the Hillman 14hp being the big seller. Hillman was now managed by John Black (later of Standard-Triumph) and Spencer Wilks (later of Rover). In 1928 Hillman was bought out by Humber and both were taken over by the Rootes brothers in 1931. The Hillman Wizard was intended to relaunch Hillman, but that was only achieved with the 1932 Hillman Minx which was continuously produced in different forms until 1970. After WW2 the Rootes Group shared more and more components amongst its brands so that the Hillman Minx ended up wearing 3 badges (4 if you count the export models badged as 'Humber'), and the engines were used in Sunbeam sports cars and Commer lorries too. In spite of some motorsport success and innovative engineering such as the Hillman Imp the Rootes Group was too weak to continue alone and from 1964 Chrysler bought into the Group and by January 1967 owned it all. By 1977 the name 'Chrysler' was being badged on the cars, but in 1979 'Talbot' was substituted as Chrysler Europe retreated back to America and Peugeot took over.
aa_Hillman Hawk 1936 Tourer badge
Hillman Hawk Sports Tourer 1936 - badge on grille
aa_Hillman Imp MkII 1965 badgeh
Hillman Imp MkII 1965 - badge on front
aa_Hillman Minx MarkII badge
Hillman Minx MkII 1934 - bumper badge
aa_Hillman Minx Phase I badge
Hillman Minx Phase I - boot badge
aa_Hillman Minx Phase I DHC badge
Hillman Minx Phase I DHC - badge on grille
ab_Hillman Minx grille
Hillman Minx - grille
ab_Hillman Minx Mark I grille
Hillman Minx Mark I - grille
ab_Hillman MinxAero grille
Hillman Aero Minx - Grille 1935
aa_Hillman Imp 1966 Super badgea
Hillman Super Imp 1966 - dummy grille given to the Super Imp in 1965
ac_Hillman Husky Series I head
Hillman Husky Series I. The 1390cc Hillman Minx Series II engine was detuned in the Husky to give only 51bhp. The Husky was very much a budget car for the family.
Hillman Hawk 1936/7
Hillman Minx from 1932 to 1970
Hillman Husky
Hillman Imp, Super Imp, Husky, and Californian
Hillman Hunter, Humber Sceptre, Singer Vogue and Sunbeam Rapier
Hillman Avenger
Rootes Group
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