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Ford Galaxie
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Ford Thunderbird Cars
Frank Hershey and William Boyer are credited with the design of the first generation Thunderbird which was launched at Detroit in Spring 1954 as a 1955 model. Underneath the Thunderbird lay a shortened chassis frame of their larger cars and a Mercury V8 engine. Ford never saw the T-bird as a Sports Car, but rather what their own Jonah Lucas Bender termed a 'Personal Car'. The first Thunderbird is now referred to as the 'Little Bird', and for the 1958 year a new second generation Ford Thunderbird was launched as a much longer four seater car, which has been nicknamed 'Square Birds'. The third generation T-birds, known as 'Bullet Birds' arrived in 1961 similar in style to the British Ford Corsair. The 'Flair Birds' took over as the fourth generation Thunderbirds in 1964. Fifth generation T-birds were known as 'Glamour Birds' in 1967, to be replaced by 'Big Birds' 1972-76.
aa_Ford Thunderbird 1957 badgeb
Ford Thunderbird 1957 - badge. 'Thunderbird' is a mythical bird, emblem of the Pueblo Indians of the South-West United States. The name was coined by a Ford stylist and won a 'name that car competition'.
aa_Ford Thunderbird 1962 badgea
Ford Thunderbird 1962 hardtop. The 'Bullet Bird' was designed by Alex Tremulis and introduced in 1961 with unibody construction to replace the 'Square Bird' from which most of its mechanics were inherited. Bill Boyer headed the design team which styled the 'Flair Bird' which replaced the 'Bullet Bird' in 1964.
aa_Ford Thunderbird 1966 badge
Ford Thunderbird 1966 - badge on rear wing
Ford Thunderbird 1960 convertible badged
Ford Thunderbird 1960 convertible - badge on doors
Ford Thunderbird 1955-57 ('Little Bird')
Ford Thunderbird 1958-61 ('Square Bird')
Ford Thunderbird 1961-64 ('Bullet Bird')
Ford Thunderbird 1964-66
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