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Designer: Franklin Hershey
Frank Hershey and William Boyer are credited with the design of the first generation Thunderbird which was launched at Detroit in Spring 1954 as a 1955 model. But Hershey was also famous for the ground-breaking 1948 Cadillac which gave wings to cars. He started at Murphy Coach Works where his work was seen on my classic American cars. In 1933 Hershey was working at Pontiac where he gave the 'Silver Streak' to the brand, but also given assignments for The Opel and Holden divisions, as well as Chevrolet. He was appointed head of Cadillac styling studio in 1944 by Harley J Earl and having seen a Lockeed P38 Lightning fighter was inspired to give the 1948 Cadillac nuances of this aircraft. He left GM for Packard in the late 1940s and then went to Ford. Hershey led the team that designed the 1955 Ford Thunderbird, and then left to work for Kaiser Aluminium.
aa_Pontiac Chieftain 1951 badgeb
Pontiac Chieftain 1951 Convertible - badge on bootlid. The 5 chrome bars are the 'Silver Streaks' given by Frank Hershey in 1935, and which ran down the centreline of all Pontiacs for about 20 years marking the brand out from lesser Chevrolets.
l_Cadillac Series 62 1954 convertible lamp
Cadillac Series 62 1954 convertible. Cadillac were given rudder like tailfins in 1948 by Frank Hershey after he had seen the tailfin on a Lockheed P38 fighter. Harley Earl disliked these fins and twice told Hershey to remove them, but he persisted and senior management over ruled Earl. It was inevitable that the replacement for the 1948 Cadillac would have tailfins.
Buick Eight 1936-41
Cadillac 1948-53
Ford Thunderbird 1955-57
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