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Ford Thames 5cwt and 7cwt (307E and 309E)
The Ford Anglia 105E is famed for its reverse-rake rear window, but the Van launched in June 1961 got a conventional box body for the rear. The Thames 307E used Anglia panels at the front, but aft of the bulkhead all panelwork differed. Doors had a different base to allow the doors to clear high kerbs. The Thames Van was available in 5cwt or 7cwt versions, with standard or low compression engines. The Thames 5cwt was very sparse, and devoid of trim or chrome. In October 1962 the 1197cc engine from the Anglia Super was an option and created the 309E Van. The name 'Thames' was dropped in March 1965 and replaced by 'Anglia' on the 307E/309E vans which ceased production in November 1967 adter 205,000 were sold. The Escort Van replaced this model and the rear doors were carried over to the newer van.
aa_Ford Thames 307E 5cwt Van badge
Ford 307E 5cwt Van - bonnet badge
ac_Ford Thames 307E 5cwt Van head
Ford Thames 307E 5cwt Van. The 5cwt Van was trimmed down to the same level as the Anglia standard, with painted grille.
Ford 307E 7cwt Van 1967 front
Ford Anglia 307E 7cwt Van. In 1961 5cwt and 7cwt Van versions of the 105E Anglia saloon became available, using 40 or 35bhp versions of the 997cc engine.
Ford 307E 7cwt Van 1967 rear
Ford Anglia 307E Van 1967. The rear doors of this Anglia Van were subsequently used on all versions of the Ford Escort Van.
Ford Thames 307E 5cwt Van front
Ford Thames 307E 5cwt Van. The 5cwt Van had a low compression version of the 997cc ohv engine, whereas the 7cwt had a high compression engine. 205,000 Vans were built between 1961 and 1967.
s_Ford Thames 307E 5cwt Van side
Ford Thames 307E 5cwt Van. Based on the 997cc ohv Ford Anglia 105E, the Ford Thames 307E Van shared the 105E front bodywork but had a taller windscreen.
Fordson and Ford Thames 5cwt Vans
Ford Anglia 1939 - 1968
Bedford HA Van
Ford Escort 6/8cwt Van, MkI and MkII
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