Ford 300E Thames Van
Launched in 1953, the Ford 100E was a major stepforward from the Anglias and Prefects which had originated in the 1930s.The 300E Thames Van was launched in July 1954 and was available in either 5cwt or 7cwt versions, the 7cwt having the extra trim of the Prefect. Production of the 300E stopped in 1961 after 196,000 had been made, mostly the 5cwt model.
aa Ford Thames 300E 1958 7cwt Van badge7
Ford Thames 300E 1958 7cwt Van. Badge on bonnet
ac Ford Thames 300E 1956 Van head
Ford Thames 300E 1956 Van. The early 5cwt vans were given the same 3-bar grille as the Ford Anglia 100E. All 100E and 300E models shared the Ford 1,172cc sidevalve engine.
ac Ford Thames 300E 1957 Van head
Ford Thames 300E 1957. The later Thames 300E had the simple mesh grille of the later Ford Anglia
Commer Cob 1958 front
Commer Cob 1958, the first 'Audax' based Commer Van, introduced in 1957 with the 1,390cc engine of the Minx Series II
Ford 305E Thames 5cwt 1961 Van front
Ford 305E Thames 5cwt 1961 Van. The 5cwt Van had the simple painted 5-bar grille from the Ford Anglia basic.
Ford Escort 1958 100E frontb
Ford Escort 1958 100E. The Escort was the cheaper estate car, equivalent to the 5cwt van and to Anglia level equipment.
Ford Squire 1959 frontw
Ford Squire 1959 100E. The Squire, unlike the lower priced Escort, was based on the Prefect and therefore was better trimmed and had more equipment. It carries the Prefect grille and the same 1172cc sv engine.
Ford Thames 300E 1956 Van front
Ford Thames 300E 1956 Van. The windows are an after market addition, and in Britain a van could be bought without paying Purchase Tax, and after 12-months it could be converted into an estate car with windows and seats but without paying tax.
Ford Thames 300E 1957 rear
Ford Thames 300E 1957
Ford Thames 300E 1958 7cwt Van front
Ford Thames 300E 1958 7cwt Van. The 7cwt was better trimmed and equipped than the 5cwt, based more on the Prefect than the Anglia
Ford Thames 300E 1959 5cwt front
Ford Thames 300E 1959 5cwt. The cheaper 5cwt van was trimmed down to the level of the Ford Anglia 100E
Ford Thames 300E 1959 5cwt rear
Ford Thames 300E 1959 5cwt. The van had vertical-hinged rear doors, whereas the Estate models (Squire and Escort) were given a split tailgate with a lift-up rear window and a drop-down flap.
Ford Thames 300E 1959 5cwt side
Ford Thames 300E 1959 5cwt, the 300E was built on a 90-inch wheelbase which was 3-inches longer than the 100E saloons, but the Anglia and Prefect were 10-inches longer overall than the van
Ford Thames 300E 1959 7cwt front
Ford Thames 300E 1959 7cwt. The 7cwt was better equipped than the 5cwt and was given the chrome grille from the Ford Prefect 100E
Fordson E494C 1950 van front
Fordson E494C 5cwt Van 1950. In 1948 the Anglia-based Fordson E04C 5cwt van evolved into E494C with slight restyling, but the same chassis and 933cc 7hp sidevalve engine

Based on the 993cc side valve engined- Ford Anglia E494A, the E494C sold from 1948-54
Morris 5cwt Series II Van frontw
Morris 5cwt Series II Van. Launched in 1953 with Series II bodywork, the O-type commercial was sold through until 1971
Standard Ten Van front 1959
Standard Ten Van. Later Standard Ten Vans had the revised front wings first fitted to the Standard Ten Pennant
Ford Anglia 1955 100E front
Ford Anglia 1955 100E. Launched in 1953 with a revised version of the 1,172cc side valve engine, the monocoque saloon was a revelation after the outgoing upright Anglia.
Ford 100E