Ford 100E Escort Estate
Launched in September 1953, the Ford 100E Anglia was a major stepforward from the Anglia that had originated in the 1930s. For 1955 Ford released two Estate cars based on the 300E Van, the Squire trimmed as the Prefect and the lower priced Escort trimmed at the lower level of the Anglia.
aa Ford Escort 1958 100E badge
Ford Escort 1958 100E - badge on tail gate
ab Ford Escort 1958 100E grille
Ford Escort 1958 100E. Until 1957 the Escort Estate had the same 3-bar grille as the Anglia saloon, and then they both got a mesh grille.
ab Ford Escort 1958 100E grilleb
Ford Escort 1958 100E. The Anglia and Escort both got mesh grilles in the 1957 restyle - these were probably cheaper to produce.
ac Ford Escort 1958 100E head
Ford Escort 1958 100E. The front profile was identical to the Thames 300E van on which the Escort/Squire were based
Ford Escort 1958 100E frontb
The Escort was the cheaper estate car, equivalent to the 5cwt van and to Anglia level equipment.
Ford Escort 1958 100E frontg
Ford Escort 1958 100E. The 'Estate Car' version of the Ford 100E, based on a Ford Thames 300E Van. Powered by an 1,172cc sidevalve engine.
Ford Escort 1958 100E rearb
Ford Escort 1958 100E. A very practical design with its split tailgate
Ford Escort 1958 100E rearg
Ford Escort 1958 100E. Whereas the 300E van had vertical doors, the 100E estates had a lift-up windown and a drop-down tail gate
Ford Squire 1959 frontw
Ford Squire 1959 100E. The Squire, unlike the lower priced Escort, was based on the Prefect and therefore was better trimmed and had more equipment. It carries the Prefect grille and the same 1172cc sv engine.
Ford Thames 300E 1959 5cwt front
Ford Thames 300E 1959 5cwt.The cheaper 5cwt van was trimmed down to the level of the Ford Anglia 100E
Ford Escort 1968 6cwt Van front
Ford Escort 1968 6cwt Van. The Escort Van was powered by a 1,298cc 'Kent' engine
Hillman Husky Series I front
Hillman Husky Series I. Launched in 1958, the Husky was based on the Series II Hillman Minx with the wheelbase shortened by 8inches. A detuned version of the Minx 1390cc engine was given to this cut-price Audax car.