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Ford Consul, Zephyr, Zodiac 1951 - 1972
In 1951 Ford launched the Consul MkI (EOTA) with a 4-cylinder 1508cc engine, and a body designed by George Walker from Dearborn. This was a purpose-made British car to replace the Ford V8 Pilot that was heavily derived from American models. A 2262cc 6-cylinder version was introduced as the Ford Zephyr Six using a longer bonneted version of the same body, and the better equipped Zephyr Zodiac (EOTTA) followed in 1953. Carbodies made convertible versions of the car, and ED Abbotts of Farnham turned Consuls and Zephyrs into Estate cars. In 1956 the MkII Zephyr (206E) was launched with an all new body designed by Colin Neale and there were MkII versions of the Consul and Zodiac. In 1962 Ford decided to drop the 'Consul' name and introduced the MkIII models styled by Roy Brown. These were launched as the 4-cylinder 'Zephyr 4' and the 6-cylinder 'Zephyr 6' (211E/213E). The final Zephyr was the MkIV which was introduced as the V4 'Zephyr 4', and V6 'Zephyr 6' styled by Roy Haynes. Top of the range was the 3-litre Ford Zodiac MkIV. Production continued until 1972 when a new pan-European 'Granada' took over.
Ford Consul, and Zephyr MkI
Ford Consul, Zephyr, Zodiac MkII (204E/206E)
Ford Zephyr 4 (211E), Zephyr 6 and Zodiac MkIII (213E)
Ford Zephyr 4 (3008E) and Zephyr 6, Zodiac MkIV (3010E)
Ford Granada
Ford V8 Pilot
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