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Ford 204E/206E Convertibles
Carbodies of Coventry built convertible versions of the MkII Consul, Zephyr and Zodiac.



ac_Ford Zephyr MkII Comvertible head
Ford Zephyr MkII Comvertible (206E)
Ford Consul 204E Convertible front
Ford Consul MkII (204E) Convertible. Carbodies built the convertible versions of the Fords Consul, Zephyr Zodiac
Ford Consul 204E Convertible frontl
Ford Consul MkII (204E) Convertible.
Ford Consul 204E Convertible rear
Ford Consul MkII (204E) Convertible.
Ford Zephyr 206E Convertible front
Ford Zephyr MkII Convertible. Built by Carbodies in Coventry just as the MkI convertible had been. The hood was power-operated and could be left partially open in "de ville" style
Ford Zephyr 206E Convertible rear
Ford Zephyr MkII Convertible. The 206E Zephyr was launched in 1956 until 1962 and 5139 were produced as 2door 5seat convertibles by Carbodies
Ford Zephyr MkII Convertible inside
Ford Zephyr MkII Convertible
Ford Zodiac 206E Convertible 1960 front
Ford Zodiac II (206E) Convertible. The new 'transatlantic' styled Z-cars launched in 1956 soon had convertible versions made by Carbodies in Coventry just as the MkI cars had.
Ford Zodiac 206E Convertible 1960 rear
In 1956 the Zephyr, Zodiac and Consul were all restyled to a new family look. The 6 cylinder cars had a their engine enlarged to 2553 cc and the wheelbase was increased by 3 inches to 107 inches and the width increased to 69 inches. The weight distribution was also improved. Top speed increased to 88 mph and the economy was also better at 28 mpg. As well as a 3 speed manual gearbox there was an optional overdrive and from 1956 a Borg Warner automatic transmission. A convertible version of the Zodiac was offered as well as the Zephyr and a pick-up was sold on the Australian market.
s_Ford Zephyr MkII Comvertible side
Ford Zephyr MkII Comvertible (206E). The Carbodies convertible could be electrically rolled back over the front seats.
s_Ford Zodiac 206E Convertible 1960 side
The Zodiac version once again topped the range and came packed with luxurious fittings and equipment. Most Zodiac's came with two-tone paint and white wall tyres, leather upholstery and a radio were standard equipment. The Zodiac sold well throughout the lifetime of the Mk II range, production stopped in 1962 with the arrival of the Mk III.
t_Ford Consul 204E Convertible tail
Ford Consul MkII (204E) Convertible.
t_Ford Zephyr MkII Comvertible tail
Ford Zephyr MkII Convertible
Ford Consul, Zephyr, Zodiac MkII (204E/206E)
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