Ford Prefect 100E
The first modern Prefect was the Ford 100E produced from 1953 to 1959 with a low slung 4-door body and a new version of the 1,172cc sidevalve engine. The final Prefect was the 107E Prefect launched in 1959, using the engine, gearbox and back azle from the 105E Anglia in the 100E Prefect bodyshell, 38,000 were sold until 1961.
aa Ford Prefect 1955 100E badge
Ford Prefect 1955 100E - badge on bonnet. Note the hood ornament which was changed in 1957 to something a lot flatter and more pedestrian friendly!
aa Ford Prefect 1956 100E badge
Ford Prefect 1956 100E - badge on bootlid
aa Ford Prefect 1959 100E badge
Ford Prefect 1958 100E. A simpler (and safer) hood ornament was given to 100E Prefects in 1957.
ab Ford Prefect 1955 100E grille
Ford Prefect 100E 1955 - the early Prefect, 1953-57 had a vertical-barred grille without a central badge
ab Ford Prefect 1960 107E grille
Ford Prefect 107E 1960. The later Prefect grille had a rounbd badge in the centre
ac Ford Prefect 1960 107E head
Ford Prefect 107E 1960
Ford Prefect  1955 100E side
Ford Prefect 100E 1955. The badging on the front wing and the smaller rear window identify this prefect as being before the 1957 revamp.
Ford Prefect 1956 100E front
Ford Prefect 1956 100E. The Prefect was the 4-door version of the 100E (to the 2-door Anglia 100E). The Prefect had a raised hood ornament whereas the Anglia had a simply 'V' ornament.
Ford Prefect 1956 100E tail
Ford Prefect 1956 100E. Until 1957 the Ford 100E models had smaller rear windows and elliptical rear lamps.
Ford Prefect 1957 100E rear
Ford Prefect 1957 100E. The 4-door 100E was sold as the Ford Prefect from 1953 until 1959 and then the name was dropped.
Ford Prefect 1958 100E front
Ford Prefect 100E 1958. The 100E models had a slight restyle in 1957, most noticeably a larger rear window, but both the Prefect and the Anglia had changed grilles.
Ford Prefect 1959 107E front
Ford Prefect 107E 1960. A 'dog-legged' chrome strip, often dividing duotone colours, is the clue to the later Prefect 107E with the Ford Anglia 997cc ohv engine and Anglia 105E back axle.
Ford Prefect 1959 107E rear
Ford Prefect 107E 1960. The 107E was given the 997cc ohv engone, gearbox and rear axle from the Anglia 105E. A dog-legged waist strip distiguishes the 107Es, often painted in duotones.
Ford Prefect 1959 107E side
Ford 107E Prefect 1959. Larger rear lights and rear window were given to the 100E models in 1957. The 107E Prefect was launched in 1959 with the 997cc ohv Ford Anglia engine, and was given new chrome side trim that tucked back to the front wheel arch, and was often in two tone colour ways.
Ford Prefect 1960 107E  front
Ford Prefect 1960 107E, with Ford 997cc ohv engine from the newly launched Ford Anglia 105E
Ford Prefect 1960 107E rear
Ford Prefect 1960 107E. Ford offered optional duotone colours on the 107E and the chrome trim was designed to accommodate this.
Ford Prefect 1952 E493A Police
Ford Prefect 1952 E493A Police. Dating back to the 1938 E93A Ford Ten that was given the name 'Prefect', and this was restyled postwar with integrated headlamps as the E493A
Ford Squire 1959 side
Ford Squire 1959, the better trimmed Ford 100E estate car given Prefect standards
l Ford Prefect 100E 1956 lamps
Ford 100E Prefect 1956 lamps. Before 1957 the 100E headlamp bezels were plain metal.
After the 1957 revamp the headlamp bezels had a patterned inside which was chromed on Deluxe versions
l Ford Prefect 1956 100E lampr
Ford 100E Prefect rear lamp. Early 100E cars had these simple rounded rear lamp clusters
l Ford Prefect 1959 100E lamps
Ford Prefect 1959 100E - New lamp units were given to all 100E models in 1957
Hillman Minx 1958 Series II front
Hillman Minx 1958 Series II. The Series II was only modestly changed from the Series I, with a new grille at the front. It retained the 1,390cc engine. Sometimes known as the 'Jubillee' model because 1957 was the 50th year of Hillman cars
Morris Minor Series II 1954  frontb
Morris Minor Series II 1954 4-door. In 1952 the Series II Minor was introduced with the 803cc ohv engine from the Austin A30, and the bonnet 'handle' was given bearing an 'M' badge on each side. The 'cheesegrater' grille continued until the horizontal bars grille appeared in 1954
Standard Super 10 1957 front
Standard Super 10 1957. From 1956 Standard offered the Super Ten in place of 'Deluxe' versions equipped with over riders.