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Ford Cortina MkII
Launched in 1966 the MkII Cortina was altogether a bigger car than the outgoing Cortina MkI, or so it appeared. In fact the MkII COrtina was only wider by 3inches over the MkI, but not longer. Body was designed by Roy Haynes before he was head-hunted to BMC. Launched in a choice of 2-door or 4-door saloons, a 5-door estate was available from 1967. There was a new 1300cc ohv engine, and in 1967 the 1500cc engines were replaced by a 1600cc crossflow head engine. Sporting models included the 1600cc GT and the Lotus-engine Cortina GT (no longer 'Lotus Cortina'), but in 1967 the new 1600E which combined the tuned engine of the GT with the sports suspension of the Twin Cam and added wood trim and luxury fittings. Cortinas were revised in 1969, with black grilles and extra chrome strips across, and the name 'F O R D' on bonnet and bootlid. The 'coke bottle' Cortina MkIII replaced the MkII in 1970.
aa_Ford Cortina 1300 badge
Ford Cortina MkII 1300 - grille badge. The blue badge may denote '1300' as other Cortinas had red badges.
aa_Ford Cortina 1600E badge
Ford Cortina 1600E - badge on bootlid
aa_Ford Cortina GT badge
Ford Cortina Mk II GT
aa_Ford Cortina Twin Cam badge
Ford Cortina Twin Cam - boot badge
ac_Ford Cortina 1300 head
Ford Cortina MkII 1300. This car shows the 1969 revamp which includes a blacker grille and the letters 'F O R D' on the bonnet.
ac_Ford Cortina 1600E head
Ford Cortina 1600E 1970. Under the bonnet, the 1600E had a 1600cc 88bhp engine from the GT and lowered suspension from the Cortina Twin Cam
ac_Ford Cortina Twin Cam head
Ford Cortina Twin Cam. The Lotus Twin Cam engine - based on a Ford engine block - was the heart of the Cortina Twin Cam.
Ford Cortina 1300 1967 front
Ford Cortina MkII 1300. Roy Haynes was responsible for the design of the MkII Cortina and was then persuaded to BMC to work on the Mini Clubman and Morris Marina. This car is prior to the 1969 revamp and does not have lettering on the bonnet.
Ford Cortina 1300 1967 rear
Ford Cortina MkII 1300. This car is prior to the 1969 revamp and does not have lettering on the boot lid, nor the chrome strip above the tail lights.
Ford Cortina 1300 1969 front
Ford Cortina MkII 1300. The MkII Cortina was launched in 1966 as not much more than a new skin on existing floorpan and mechanics. In 1967 the new Kent Crossflow engines were installed, and the 1200 Cortina became a 1297cc.
Ford Cortina 1300 1969 rear
Ford Cortina MkII 1300. This view shows the 1969 revamp which includes the letters 'F O R D' on the bootlid and a chrome bar above the lights.
Ford Cortina 1600 DL Estate front
Ford Cortina 1600 DL Estate. The MkII model range included a 5-door Estate, which was well liked by fleet operators and travelling salesmen.
Ford Cortina 1600 GT Crayford 1967 front
Ford Cortina 1600 GT 1967 Convertible by Crayford Engineering
Ford Cortina 1600 GT Crayford 1967 rearr
Ford Cortina 1600 GT Crayford 1967. Crayford Engineering of Westerham, Kent converted approximately 400 Cortina MkII.
Ford Cortina 1600 GT Estate front
Ford Cortina 1600 GT Estate. The GT Estate was an unofficial model built to customer order from 1968 by their Special Vehicles operation.
Ford Cortina 1600 GT rear
Ford Cortina MkII GT. The extra wide 5.5J wheels can be seen in this view, and these were given new radial tyres to ensure grip. Ford could also supply enough extras to turn the GT into a track car.
Ford Cortina 1600E 1970 front
Ford Cortina 1600E 1970. Ford gave the 1600E the engine from the Cortina GT, the suspension from the Cortina Twin Cam, and a host of extras and a better appointed interior. It was a young executives chosen ride.
Ford Cortina 1600E rear
Ford Cortina 1600E. Lowered and tuned, the 1600E was given external brightwork to proclaim its position as the top of the Cortina MkII cars. Most 1600E had vinyl-covered roofs.
Ford Cortina MkII Estate front
Ford Cortina MkII Estate. In Spring 1967 the 5-door Cortina Estate followed the Cortina 2 and 4-door saloons launched in 1966.
Ford Cortina MkII
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Ford Cortina Twin Cam Convertible front
Crayford Cortina Twin Cam Convertible. Crayford Engineering built convertible versions of the Cortina MkII including a few on the Twin Cam body.
Ford Cortina Twin Cam front
Ford Cortina Twin Cam, The MkII Lotus Cortina was built by Ford and officially known as the 'Twin Cam' after build quality issues with the original Lotus-built MkI
Ford Cortina Twin Cam rear
Ford Cortina Twin Cam, now built by Ford rather than by Lotus. The Lotus livery was optional and most cars were supplied in standard Ford colours.
l_Ford Cortina MkII lamps
Ford Cortina MkII 1300 - lights. Pre 1969 cars had brighter grilles and less black paint.
l_Ford Cortina MkII taillamps
Ford Cortina MkII 1300 - tail light
s_Ford Cortina 1300 side
Ford Cortina MkII 1300. In four years the MkI Cortina had sold more than one million, and the MkII achieved 100,000 sales in its first 4months.
s_Ford Cortina 1600 GT Estate side
Ford Cortina 1600 GT Estate. The GT Estate was quietly made by Ford, and only to special order. Mechanically the same as the GT saloon it did have enhancements to its suspension and tyres for the extra duty of an Estate
s_Ford Cortina 1600 GT side
Ford Cortina MkII GT. The MkII GT was much sportier than the MkI, boasting large disc brakes, uprated suspension, twin choke weber on the 1498cc engine
s_Ford Cortina 1600E side
Ford Cortina 1600E. In 1967 the 1600E was launched, having the tuned performance of the GT combined with a luxury interior that included leather and walnut. E for 'Executive'.
t_Ford Cortina 1600 DL Estate tail
Ford Cortina 1600 DL Estate. The Cortina MkII Estate was also a capacious vehicle, benefitting from the greater width of the Haynes design, even though it was built on the same floorpan as the MkI
t_Ford Cortina 1600E tail
Ford Cortina 1600E. A black panel beneath the boot lid and extra chrome strips showed the world that this was the upmarket 1600E. 58,800 1600E cars were sold which included almost 2,800 2-door versions for export.
w_Ford Cortina 1300 wheel
Ford Cortina MkII 1300 - rear wheel
w_Ford Cortina 1600E wheel
Ford Cortina 1600E. The black and chrome Rostyle (Rubery Owen style) wheels gave the 1600E both style and strength for its extra performance.
w_Ford Cortina GT wheel
Ford Cortina MkII GT. Extra wide 5.5J wheels
Ford Cortina Models
Ford Zephyr MkIV, Zodiac MkIV
Designer: Roy Haynes
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