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Ford Capri
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Tickford Capri
Based on a Ford Capri Mk3, the Tickford Capri was an idea that came to John Miles of Aston Martin Tickford Ltd . Victor Gauntlet (Aston Martin) and Bob Lutz (Ford of America and owners of Aston Martin), agreed to the idea although Ford pulled out and Miles and Gauntlett decided to press on regardless. An aerodynamic body kit was given to the Ford Capri which both increased efficiency and gave better down force. Inside the car was luxuriously trimmed, and under the bonnet sat a Cologne 2972cc V6 with Turbocharger. The car was launched at the 1983 Motorfair, with a schedule to produce 250 cars, but production was halted in 1987 after about 85 cars were produced because the Sierra Cosworth was faster.
aa_Tickford Capri badge
Tickford Capri 2.8i turbo - badge on front wing
ac_Tickford Capri head
Tickford Capri 2.8i turbo. The blank grille is the hallmark of the Tickford Capri, but it is for a purpose. Below the bumper a slot is cut which provides air exactly where is needed and nowhere else. The bonnet was subtly reshaped to look better with the blank grille
Tickford Capri front1
Tickford Capri 2.8i turbo. With Tickford under Ford ownership through its purchase of Aston Martin, the idea of a special Ford Capri grew and went ahead. Cars received body kits, chassis changes, uprated engines and luxury interiors.
Tickford Capri front2
Tickford Capri 2.8i turbo. Based on a Cologne V6 injection engine, Tickford strapped on an IHI Turbocharger and an aircooler, producing 205bhp with 260 of torque.
w_Tickford Capri wheel
Tickford Capri 2.8i turbo - wheel. This 7-spoke alloy was optional on the later Tickford Capri and was already used on other RS Fords
Ford Capri
Rover Metro Convertible
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