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Fiat 124 Sport Spider
In 1967 Fiat followed the launch of the 124 Sedan with the launch of two 124 Sport models, the Coupe and the Spider. Pininfarina were asked to design and build the 124 Sport Spider and gave this Tom Tjaarda. The Spider started out with a 1438cc dohc version of the 124 Sedan unit, but this was enlarged to 1608cc in 1970, 1756cc in 1974, and finally 1995cc in 1979. Engines were designed by ex-Ferrari chief engineer Aurelio Lampredi, and included some turbocharged as well as supercharged versions which are rare. In 1982 Fiat stopped selling the 124 Sport Spider, but Pininfarina continued to make it under the 'Pininfarina' brand.
aa_Fiat 124 Spider 1969 badger
Fiat 124 Sports Spider 1969 - boot badge. The full name was 'Fiat 124 Sport Spider' until 1979 when it was renamed '2000 Spider'. In 1982 Fiat let Pininfarina take over manufacture and it was renamed 'Pininfarina Spider Azzura'.
aa_Fiat 2000i Spider badge
Fiat 2000i Spider. Fiat renamed the car from 'Fiat 124 Sport Spider' to 'Fiat 2000 Spider' in 1979, and then it was badged 'Pininfarina' from 1983-85.
aa_Pininfarina Spider Azzurra 2000 badge
Pininfarina Spider Azzura 1984 - bonnet badge
ac_Fiat 124 Spider 1969 head
Fiat 124 Sports Spider 1969. Ex-Ferrari man Aurelio Lampredi designed the 1438cc dohc engine, which was uprated to 1608cc in 1970, 1756cc in 1974, and 1995cc in 1979
ac_Pininfarina Spider Europa head
Pininfarina Spider Europa 2000
Fiat 124 Spider 1969 front
Fiat 124 Spider 1969. Tom Tjaarda designed the Fiat 124 Spider for Pininfarina and it was introduced in 1967 with a 1438cc dohc engine
Fiat 124 Spider 1969 rear
Fiat 124 Spider 1969. Tom Tjaarda's Spider was launched in 1967 and produced until 1985. Unlike the 124 Sport Coupe which share the 124 platform, the Spider used a shorter platform and was built by Pininfarina.
Fiat 2000i Spider front
Fiat 2000 Spider. In 1979 the engine was revised and a 1995cc version (shared with the Lancia Beta) introduced. In 1980 a fuel injection option was offered giving 105bhp on European cars and 78 on North American Cars. A Turbocharged 1998cc unit was available at the end of production giving 135bhp
Fiat 2000i Spider rear
Fiat 2000i Spider. In 1979 the engine was revised and a 1995cc version (shared with the Lancia Beta) introduced. Fiat renamed the car from 'Fiat 124 Sport Spider' to 'Fiat 2000 Spider' in 1979, and then it was badged 'Pininfarina' from 1983-85 as Pininfarina continued to build the car
l_Pininfarina Spider Europa lamps
Pininfarina Spider Europa 2000 - rear lamp
Pininfarina Spider Azzurra 2000 front
Pininfarina Spider Azzura 1984. This is the USA spec version of the final 124 Sport Spider
Pininfarina Spider Europa front
Pininfarina Spider Europa 2000 1982. The Fiat 124 Spider was sold as the Pininfarina Azzura from 1982-85. In the USA Azzurra Spiders were sold with 1756cc dohc engines, and in Europe a 1995cc engine was given to the Spider Europa.
Pininfarina Spider Europa rear
Pininfarina Spider Europa 2000. Apart from the chunkier bumpers, the Europa Spider was little changed from the Tjaarda original.
s_Fiat 124 Spider side
Fiat 124 Sport Spider. This is a 'Federalised' model for the North American market, with amber and red side lights and larger bumpers front and rear.
s_Pininfarina 2000 Spider side
Pininfarina 2000 Spider. From 1982 to 1985 Carozzeria Pininfarina built the Fiat 124 Sport Spider and badged it with their own name.
s_Pininfarina Spider Europa side
Pininfarina Spider Europa 2000. When Fiat stopped marketing the Fiat 124 Sport Spider in 1982, Pininfarina who manufactured it continued to sell it from 1982 to 1985 as the Azzurra Spider (in USA) and as Spidereuropa (in Europe)
Tom Tjaarda
Fiat 124 Sport Coupe
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