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Karrier and Commer Trucks
Commercial Cars Ltd used the brand name 'Commer' for its commercial vehicles produced at Biscot Road, Luton. Commer failed in 1923, and was only saved by Humber in 1926, and then a merger with Hillman in 1928 established a group with a certain William Rootes on the board. Karrier had started business in Huddersfield as Clayton and Company 1904. The name was changed to 'Karrier' in 1920, and became famous for a three wheeler 'mechanical horse' (the Karrier Cob) in the 1930s, and the 4-wheeler Bantam that replaced the Cob. By 1931 the Rootes Group had taken over Commer, Hillman, Humber, and added Karrier in 1935 and used these badges to produce Commercial Vehicles. The buyout of the Rootes Group by Chrysler during the 1960s saw Commer and Karrier being rebranded as 'Dodge', but then rebranded as 'Renault' when Chrysler retreated from Europe.Commer light vans were often based on Hillman Minx cars, whilst larger trucks sometimes used Humber engines.
aa_Commer Superpoise 1950 badge
Commer Superpoise 1950 - bonnet badge
aa_Karrier BFD Minicoach badge
Karrier BFD Minicoach
aa_Karrier Gamecock 1956 badge
Karrier Gamecock 1956 badge
Commer Superpoise 1950 front
Commer Superpoise A 1953. The Commer Q-type (or 'Superpoise') had first appeared in 1939, being restyled in 1948. In 1950 the S-type Superpoise was given a new 'Humber-style' cab and an enlarged 2266cc engine. It was available 15cwt and 25cwt versions.
Commer Superpoise 1956 front
Commer Superpoise B 1956. The Commer Superpoise was revised in 1955 with an all steel cab shared with Dodge, Barons and Leyland.
Karrier Bantam 1955 front
Karrier Bantam 1955
Karrier Bantam Tipper front
Karrier Bantam Mk V 1962. Fitted with a Tipper body. This forward-control cab was introduced on Commer lorries in 1948 and given to Karrier cousins from 1951. Bodies had 2-piece windscreens until 1958.
Karrier Bantam Van front
Karrier Bantam 1970. Fitted with a coachbuilt van body used as an exhibition unit for North West Gas. Later Bantams had the lights moved outwards and mounted on separate nacelles.
Karrier BFD Minicoach front
Karrier BFD Minicoach
Karrier Gamecock 1956 front Fire Engine
Karrier Gamecock 1956 Fire Engine. With Alfred Miles Tender body.
Commer Vans
Rootes Group
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