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Daimler Coachwork by Hoopers
Hooper began by building coaches in 1805 and turned to car bodies about 100 years later. Already holding the Royal Warrant for supplying carriages moved by horses, it was natural that they would be asked to build carriages moved by horsepower too. Business thrived even through the Great Depression, and in 1938 Hoopers bought out Barkers. During the second world war the BSA Group (owners of Daimler) bought out Hoopers leading to a strong presence of Hooper (and Barker) coachwork on Daimler chassis. By 1959 Hooper had just about ceased and Daimler went in with Jaguar a couple of years after.
Daimler Dauphin front
Daimler Dauphin. The DJ256 was one of 2 Hooper-bodied Daimler Conquest Century cars. One of them started life as Lanchester and was later changed into a Daimler. The other car had faired in headlamps - possibly for Lady Docker
Daimler Empress II front
Daimler Empress II. Built on the DF302 chassis with either 3468cc or 4617cc 6-cylinder engines. Hooper designed the Empres IIs body, which refreshed the Empress design they made for DB18 Empress.
Daimler Empress II rear
Daimler Empress II. Built on the DF302 chassis Hooper designed the Empress body, and adapted this body to fit other makes, including the Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith
Daimler Regency Sportsman Saloon front
Daimler Regency Sportsman Saloon. The Regency models could be ordered with either 3468cc or 4617cc 6-cylinder engines. Mulliner built the 4-light Sportsman, Barker the standard 6-light saloon, and Hooper the Limousine.
fDaimler 104 Continental front
Daimler 104 Continental. At the 1956 Earls Court Motor Show Hoopers presented this Continental bodywork powered by the 3½litre Regency engine.
fDaimler 104 Continental rear
Daimler 104 Continental. Hooper used an extended Daimler Regency/104 chassis for its Continental hoping to attract people to a car cheaper than a Bentley Continental. Neither of Hooper's Continentals caught on, and this Daimler was the only Daimler made.
s_Daimler 104 Continental side
Daimler 104 Continental. Hooper's 1956 Motor Show prototype intended to be a lower-priced Bentley Continental
s_Daimler DB18 Empress sideb
Daimler DB18 Empress. The luxurious Hooper Empress body on the medium sized DB18 chassis meant the way was almost triple the price of the standard DB18. 90 Empress cars were sold
Hooper and Co
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