Duple Coachbuilders
Duple was started in 1919 by Herbert White and the name 'Duple' was supposed to mean 'dual role'. Surplus vehicles from the First World War were rebodied with coachwork that could be full of seats, or with seats removed carry goods. From 1928 Duple got orders for bus bodies and Duple became established a builder of bus and coaches. From 1931 Vauxhall Motors recommended Duple for the WLB bus chassis, and future Bedford products were often given Duple bodies. Duple acquired some Midlands companies in the 1950s inluding Willowbrook in 1958 and H.V. Burlingham (Blackpool) in 1960 where most Duple production was transferred from Hendon. Willowbrook was sold off in 1971 taking Duple out of bus production until it own 'Dominant' range was launched in 1975. In 1983 Duple was rnamed Hestair Duple after it had been acquired by the Hestair Group who also owned Dennis. Decline continued and in 1989 Duple closed and Plaxton acquired some rights.
Leyland Comet 75 1948 Duple coach
Leyland Comet 75 1948 with Duple coach body
AEC Regal 1953
AEC Regal 1953 with Duple coachwork
Bedford J2 Coach
Bedford J2 Coach. Produced from 1958 to 1976 the J2 PSV was based on the 9ft 11inch chassis of the J2 truck and was supplied to a variety of coachbuilders. This 1966 body is by Duple built at Willowbrook.
Leyland Tiger 1948 PS1 Duple
Leyland Tiger 1948 PS1 with Duple half-cab coachwork
Leyland Vehicles
Leyland Vehicles