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Citroën SM
The Citroen SM may have begun as early as 1961 as a desire to produce an upmarket sporting Citroen DS. However, the reality had to await the acquisition of Maserati and the availability of a suitable engine. The 2670cc V6 used in the SM was derived from the Maserati V8 by Giulio Alfieri having common components and being able to be produced on the same production line. The engine later went into Maserati's Merak which was a Bora adapted to the 1970s recession. In the SM the engine was hooked up to sophisticated hydraulics including suspension, brakes, and for the first time variable power steering. The whole package was wrapped in an aerodynamic sports coupe with kamm tail by Robert Opron, and launched at the Geneva Salon in 1970. Production started later in 1970 but was ended in 1975 after only 12000 because of the post 1973 oil crisis recession; the take over of Citroen by Peugeot in 1974 is also a likely reason for the demise of the SM.
aa_Citroen SM badge
Citroën SM. Badge on C-pillar
aa_Citroen SM badgeu
Citroën SM - North American spec - C-pillar badge
ac_Citroen SM head
Citroën SM. Front wheel drive and 180bhp from a Maserati designed V6 engine. Hydraulic systems included a power assisted steering system which gave less power as road speed increased.
ac_Citroen SM headu
Citroën SM - North American spec with 4 round headlamps
Citroen SM front
Citroën SM. Launched in 1970, Citroën's flagship coupe was designed by Robert Opron and powered a V6 version of the Maserati 8.
Citroen SM fronte
Citroën SM
Citroen SM frontu
Citroën SM - North American spec
Citroen SM reare
Citroën SM - North American spec
Citroen SM rearu
Citroën SM
l_Citroen SM lamps
Citroën SM. Six headlamps for the SM. All were self-levelling, and the inner pair steered with the front wheels
l_Citroen SM lampse
Citroën SM - Most SM cars had 6 square headlamps under a glass nacelle, and the inner pair steered with the front wheels.
l_Citroen SM lampsu
Citroën SM - North American spec. American cars were given 4 round headlamps and no steering technology. Usually there was no glass nacelle to cover the lamps.
s_Citroen SM side
Citroën SM - North American spec
t_Citroen SM taile
Citroën SM
t_Citroën SM tailu
Citroën SM - North American spec
v_Citroen SM vent
Citroën SM - bonnet vent
w_Citroen SM wheel
Citroën SM - rear wheel
Designer: Robert Opron
Henri Chapron
Citroën DS and ID
Maserati Merak
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