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Citroën 2CV 'Deux Chevaux' (two horse power)
Designed in the late 1930s as a 'car for all', it has been called 'an umbrella on wheels' and was rumoured to have been designed to carry a basket of eggs safely across a ploughed field. 3.8million 2CV cars plus 1.2million 2CV trucks were made from 1948-90.


ab_Citroen 2CV6 Special grille
Citroën 2CV6 Special

ab_Citroen Dyane 6 grille
Citroën Dyane 6. The Dyane 6 was given the 602cc engine from the Ami 8.

ac_Citroen 2CV AZAM 1963 head
Citroën 2CV AZAM 1963.

ac_Citroen 2CV6 Special head
Citroën 2CV6 Special

ac_Citroen Dyane 6 head
Citroën Dyane 6. The Dyane 6 was launched in 1968 with the 602cc engine of 28bhp (33bhp in 1969).

Citroen 2CV AZAM 1963 front
Citroën 2CV AZAM 1963. The AZAM identity shows this to be a deluxe car with some comforts and chrome, but still with 425cc engine

Citroen 2CV AZAM 1963 rear
Citroën 2CV AZAM 1963. The paperclip bumpers and 5 ridged bonnet identify the year and the AZAM type for this 2CV

Citroen 2Cv Dolly front
Citroën 2CV Dolly. Launched in 1985 the Dolly was a special edition of the 2CV

Citroen 2CV6 Special front
Citroën 2CV6 Spécial. Launched in 1979, the 2CV Spécial which had been relaunched in 1978 with the 6-light body, was now upgraded with the 602cc engine from the 2CV6.

Citroen 2CV6 Special rear
Citroën 2CV6 Spécial. The original Spécial had been regarded as too basic for the UK market, but the upgraded 2CV6 Spécial was sold in the UK.

Citroen Bijou front
Citroën Bijou. Underneath this fibreglass body designed by Peter Kirwan-Taylor (Lotus Elite) was a 425cc 12hp Citroën 2CV.

Citroen Bijou lamps
Citroën Bijou. Bijou: the British Citroën 2CV was produced at Slough from 1959-64, only about 210 being sold.

Citroen Bijou rear
Citroën Bijou. Citroën 2CV cars were made at Slough from 1954 to 1958 but failed on the British market. In 1959 the Bijou was launched to use 2CV mechanics and smarten the 2CV.

Citroen Dyane 6 front
Citroën Dyane 6. The Dyane 4 was launched in 1968 as a 4-light saloon, designed by the new Panhard division to replace the 2CV. Rear windows were added into the C-pillars to make the car 6-light in 1970.

Citroën 2CV AZU Van front
Citroën 2CV AZU Van 1962. Van versions of the 2CV had been available since 1951, and the AZU version was launched in 1955.

Citroën 2CV AZU Van rear
Citroën 2CV AZU Van 1962. The small rear doors lasted until the AK350 model powered by the 602cc engine in 1963

d_Citroën 2CV AZU Van detail
Citroën 2CV AZU Van 1962 - fuel filler

g_Citroen 2CV6 Special glass
Citroën 2CV6 Special - windscreen

l_Citroen 2CV AZAM 1963 lamp
Citroën 2CV AZAM 1963. Round headlamps were fitted to the 2CV until 1974, but round lamps returned in 1979

l_Citroen Dyane 6 lamp
Citroën Dyane 6 - headlamp

l_Citroën 2CV AZU Van lamph
Citroën 2CV AZU Van 1962 - headlamp

l_Citroën 2CV AZU Van lampr
Citroën 2CV AZU Van 1962 - repeater lamp

s_Citroen 2CV6 Special side
Citroën 2CV6 Special. The 6-light body was first given to the 2CV in 1966, but the more basic models retained the 4-light body until 1978.

t_Citroen 2CV6 Special tail
Citroën 2CV6 Special. Lockable metal bootlids were given to 2CV in 1958

w_Citroen Dyane 6 wheel
Citroën Dyane 6 - wheel

Citroën Ami
Citroën Ami
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