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Austin A40 Van and Pickup
In 1947 the commercial versions of the Austin A40 were introduced as the GV2 Panel Van, the GQU2 Pickup, and the GP2 Countryman estate car. Doors, bonnet and front wings were the same as the Devon, with the cab and body sides made of aluminium (later steel). Mechanically the A40 Van and Pickup used the same engine and mechanics as the A40 Devon saloon, and continued in production even after the A40 Somerset replaced the Devon. These A40 goods vehicles were upgraded to version '3' in 1951 with a plain metal grille, version '4' in late 1951 with extra grilles in the bonnet, version '5' in 1954 and stopped production in 1957.
aa_Austin GQU2 Pickup 1950 badge
Austin A40 Pickup 1950 GQU2 - badge on grille. Until 1951 the A40 Pickup and Van used the same chrome grille as the Devon and Dorset saloons.
ab_Austin GQU4 Pickup 1951 grille
Austin A40 Pickup 1951 - grille from late 1951. In early 1951 the chrome grille used on the Devon and Dorset was replaced on the commercials by a pressed panel, but the first versions dis not have ventilation in the bonnet, bur from September 1951 the bonnet was modified to give more cooling.
ac_Austin A40 1952 Countryman head
Austin A40 1952 Pickup Estate. This A40 exhibits the later painted grille given in 1951
ac_Austin GQU2 Pickup 1950 head
Austin A40 Pickup 1950 GQU2. The A40 Pickup and Van shared the front panels of the Devon and Dorset saloons, and until 1951 the same chrome grille. Also shared was ew 1200cc ohv engine which was the basis of the BMC B-series engine.
ac_Austin GQU4 Pickup 1951 head
Austin A40 Pickup 1951. In 1951 the grille of the A40 pickup was changed, with extra grilles in the bonnet either side of the grille. A 1200cc ohv engine powered the commercials.
Austin A40 1952 Countryman front
Austin A40 1952 Pickup Estate. Modelled as a traditional 'Countryman' estate car, in fact this was built out of an A40 pickup.
Austin A40 1952 Countryman rear
Austin A40 1952 Pickup Estate. 'Woody' estate cars could be built by dozens of small local coachbuilders because wood and aluminium were easier to obtain than steel in postwar Britain. If the conversion was made on a commercial vehicle 12 months old then purchase tax would also be avoided.
Austin GP4 A40 Countryman front
Austin GP4 A40 Countryman. Launched in 1949, the A40 Countryman provided an Estate car by using the Van as a base. This model continued even after the Somerset replaced the Devon and 35,000 were sold until 1956.
Austin GP4 A40 Countryman rear
Austin GP4 A40 Countryman. From late 1951 when the GV4 van was introduced, both got a steel rear body (in place of aluminium), and larger rear wheel arches replaced the separate aluminium spats.
Austin GQU2 Pickup 1950 front
Austin A40 Pickup 1950 GQU2. Launched in 1948 the pickup, it used the doors of the A40 Devon and the front panels of the Devon or Dorset
Austin GQU2 Pickup 1950 rear
Austin A40 Pickup 1950 GQU2. The A40 Devon was built as a body on chassis, and easily lent itself to drent bodywork, with Austin offering this pickup from March 1948. As well as much of the front panels and doors coming from the A40 Devon, the cab rear window also came from the Decon saloon.
Austin GQU4 Pickup 1951 front
Austin A40 Pickup 1951. Dick Burzi designed the Devons and Dorset cars and the Utilities. The A40 carried a 40bhp 4-cylinder 1200cc ohv engine.
Austin GQU4 Pickup 1951 rear
Austin A40 Pickup 1951. Pickups shared the front doors and inner wings with the saloons, but many other panels differed. The cab rear window came from the Devon saloon. Rear wheels were usually aluminium and the size of the wheel opening grew bigger with each year.
Austin GQU4 Pickup 1953 front
Austin A40 GQU4 Pickup 1954. THe A40 Pickup was introduced in 1948 at the same time as the 2-door Dorset and the 4-door Devon saloons. Thid Devon-based model continued even after the Devon had been superseded by the Somerset until replaced in 1956.
s_Austin GQU4 Pickup 1951 side
Austin GQU4 Pickup 1951. For more Austin Commercials go to: Austin Commercials
s_Austin GQU4 Pickup 1953 side
Austin GQU4 Pickup 1954. A40 Pickups sold from 1948 to 1956, continuing even after the A40 Devon was replaced by the A40 Somerset in 1952.
w_Austin GQU4 Pickup 1951 wheel
Austin A40 Pickup 1951. Rear Wings on the A40 Utilities were usually aluminium, early versions had a small wheel opening (as here), but this was enlarged as production continued, making wheel changing easier.
Austin A40 Devon, Dorset
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