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A.C. 428
Carroll Shelby asked for the AC Cobra 289 MkII to be upgraded as a MkIII with a 7-litre 427 Ford V8 engine to go racing against the Ferrari GTOs. By February 1965 53 Cobra 427 cars had been built, but this was short of the homologation requirement of 100. Derek Hurlock, owner of AC, decided to capitalise on the development worek for the aborted AC 427 and make a GT car out of it. The chassis developed for the 7-litre car was big and strong and handled well, so it was extended by 6inches in readiness for a GT body. Hurlock went body shopping at the 1965 Geneva Salon, and was introduced to Pietro Frua who then created a 2-seater convertible which was presented at Earls Court in October 1965. Development work continued with sales starting in 1967 and a coupe body added to the model list, but production ended in 1973 after 59 coupes and 21 convertibles had been sold.
aa_AC 428 Coupe badgeb
AC 428. Badge on tail panel
aa_AC 428 Coupe badgef
AC 428. Pietro Frua badge on front wing
AC 428 Coupe front
AC 428. An AC Cobra 289 Chassis extended by 6-inches and given a Ford 7014cc (428 V8 engine and an Italian body.
AC 428 Coupe rear
AC 428. Pietro Frua designed the Coupe and the convertible bodies for AC 428. It looks similar to the Maserati Mistrale which he also designed, and actually shares its doors.
aac_AC 428 1969 Convertible head
AC 428 1969 Convertible. Built on a chassis adapted from the AC 428 Cobra and powered by the same 7-litre Ford V8
aac_AC 428 Coupe head
AC 428. A 7-litre Ford V8 gave either 345bhp or 385bhp
AC 428 1969 Convertible front
AC 428 1969 Convertible. The Cobra MkIII (428) chassis extended by 6 inches to create the 428, and the body was designed by Pietro Frua
AC 428 1969 Convertible rear
AC 428 1969 Convertible. Just 29 AC 428 convertibles were produced
AC 428 convertible front
AC 428 Convertible. Pietro Frua had first exhibited the Maserati Mistral at Turin in 1963, and when Derek Hurlock from AC Cars sent a Cobra MkIII chassis to Frua in 1965 it seems that he borrowed heavily from the Mistral for the AC 428 Fastback and later convertible.
AC 428 Convertible rear
AC 428 Convertible. AC asked Pietro Frua to design the 428 Fastback and convertible in 1965. AC supplied the Cobra MkIII spaceframe chassis from Thames Ditton to Turin for the bodywork. The Maserati Mistral and AC 428 doors are interchangeable. Only 29 convertibles were made.
Pietro Frua
Bristol 410 and 411
Jaguar E-type (XKE)
Jensen Interceptor 1966-76
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