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Voisin Type C23, C24, C25, C27
The Great Depression had been unkind to Voisin and its V12 was halted, and the smaller C12 and C16 available only on special order. To get back onto its feet Voisin launched the new C23 with 2992cc inline six built onto a new chassis in 1931. This was given a new lighter chassis for 1932 along with improved performance from the engine and launched as the C24. About 100 of the C24 were produced. In 1935 Voisin introduced the C25, essentially a development of the C24, adapting its chassis and retaining its engine. But the C25 was clothed in a spectacular Aerodyne Coupe body with sliding sun roof. About 7 such cars were made. The Voisin Type C27 was produced in 1934 and equipped with a 2992cc sleeve-valve inline 6-cylinder 104bhp engine. The Type C27 was derived from the Type C25, but built on a shortened chassis with underslung rear axle. Only two C27 were ever made, the first being given a Figoni aluminium Cabriolet body, and the second an aerodynamic Aerosport coupe with sliding sunroof.
aa_Voisin Type C27 Grand Sport 1934 badge
Voisin Type C27 Grand Sport 1934 - badge and ornament on radiator
ab_Voisin Type C27 Grand Sport 1934 grille
Voisin Type C27 Grand Sport 1934 - grille. Behind the grille a 2,992cc ohv inline six cylinder engine with twin carbs.
Voisin Type C27 1934 Grand Sport Cabriolet
Voisin Type C27 1934 Grand Sport Cabriolet with coachwork by Figoni et Falaschi
Voisin Type C27 Grand Sport 1934 rear
Voisin Type C27 Grand Sport 1934. Just two of the C27 Grand Sport were built, one with Voisin's own Aero Coupe bodywork, and one with this Figoni et Falaschi Cabriolet coachwork
Figoni et Falaschi Carrossiers
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