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Leyland Vehicles
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Trucks and Heavy Goods Vehicles
The first goods vehicles were often just cars with front seating and an open platform or boxed container behind. Quite quickly longer, larger and more powerful models were specifically designed for carrying goods and the Motor Truck or Lorry was developed.


AEC 'Associated Equipment Company'
Albion Motors.
Atkinson L1856 1955
1955 Atkinson L1856. Atkinson Lorries had been established in Preston in 1933, the successor to a company founded by the Atkinson brothers. Products generally followed a tried and tested line of sourcing trusted components and assembling them into a truck. By the time this truck was made Atkinson was also buying engines from Cummins, Daimler and Rolls-Royce in addition to its usual Gardner supply.
Dennis F8 1955
Dennis F8 1955. Dennis brothers established a business making bicycles in Guildford in 1895 but soon started making cars and larger vehicles. After the First World War they concentrated on larger vehicles, mainly Fire Engines, Dustcars and Buses
Dodge Trucks
ERF Trucks
Foden Trucks
Leyland Vehicles
Scammell Junior Constructor 1964
Scammell Junior Constructor 1964. Developed under Leyland ownership (since 1955), the Constructor was used to pull very heavy loads on massive trailers, or it could also take up the rear and push. The 'Junior' was so-called because unlike the 6X6 Super Constructor, the Junior was 6x4 with rear wheel drive only. The size of this tractor can be judged by noticing how the top of the radiator is the same height as the door frame on the building.
Scammell Rigid 6 wheeler 1939
Scammell Rigid 6 wheeler 1939. Scammell's rigid 6-wheeler was launched in 1930 and by 1939 had Gardener 6-cylinder engines. a href="" title="go to page about designs by Gerald Palmer"> Gerald Palmer was an apprentice at Scammell in 1937
Scammell Scarab
Scammell Scarab. The Scarab replaced the Scammell Mechanical Horse which had been introduced in 1934 to replace horse carts at railway stations and warehouses. The 3-wheeler design gave it 360degree turning circles, and it had a 2090cc sidevalve engine or a diesel. Introduced in 1948 production ended in 1967 when the Scammell Townsman took over, but that model only lasted one year.
Seddon MkV 1953
Seddon MkV 1953. When Seddon released the new chassis and combined it with a Perkins P6 engine in 1947 to create the MkV the had a recipe that was good enough to sell into the 1960s.
American Trucks
American Trucks
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