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Reliant Regal
The Reliant Regal was born at the 1952 Earls Court Motor Show although production did not begin until 1953. It was a 3-wheeler powered by a 747cc engine derived from the Austin Seven unit. Body was aluminium panels over an ash frame and bolted to a steel box section chassis. From 1954 the MkII Regal was available now having four seats with an optional hardtop and also available as a van. With the MkIII from 1956 Reliant went into production of fibreglass bodywork, and the MkIII body was curvier and had a kidney-shaped grille. The MkV from 1959 was moulded as a complete car, rather than body plus hardtop, and the door shape had the window set into it rather than having a window frame on top of the door. Reliant revised the body of the MkVI 1960-62 enlarging the windscreen and giving it a brow over the rear window. This was the last Reliant (and maybe the last production car) to have a sidevalve engine. From 1962 the timber-framing stopped as the Regal 3/25 was given an all new monocoque fibreglass body with large windows. The Regal 3/25 also had a Ford Anglia-style reverse slope rear window. The name '3/25' came from it being a 3-wheeler with a new 25hp 600cc ohv aluminium engine. A Regal 3/25 Super arrived in 1965 as an upmarket model with a new narrow line grille. From 1969 the engine was enlarged to 700cc and 30bhp and was named 'Regal 3/30'. Van versions were called 'Reliant Supervan'. There was a 'Regal 21E' in 1967, so named because it had 21 extras fitted. In 1973 the Reliant Robin took over.
aa_Reliant Regal 3-30 1973 badge
Reliant Regal 3/30 1973 - badge on front panel
ac_Reliant Regal 3-30 1973 head
Reliant Regal 3/30 1973. The Regal 3/25 launched in 1962 was an advance for Reliant as it was their first unitary construction body, and also it came with their own brand new alloy overhead valve 600cc engine. The 3/25 from 1969 had the engine upgraded to 700cc.
ac_Reliant Regal Mk VI van head
Reliant Regal Mk VI van. The Regal MkVI was launched in 1960, the final version of a line that started as an aluminium goods body on a wooden chassis and gradually obtained a metal chassis and fibreglass bodywork. The MkIV was also the final version to use the 747cc sidevalve engine that derived from the Austin Seven engine, and possibly was the last sidevalve production car.
Reliant Regal 3-30 1973 front
Reliant Regal 3/30 1973. The Regal 3/30 had been introduced in 1969 when the 600cc ohv engine was uprated to 700cc and 30bhp. The large rectangular front grille was reduced to the thin horizontal bar for the 3/30. In 1973 the Regal was replaced by the Ogle Design Reliant Robin.
Reliant Regal Mk VI van front
Reliant Regal Mk VI van. The Regal MkVI was launched in 1960. In 1962 The Regal 3/25 replaced the MkVI and gained a unitary construction body of re-enforced glass fibre.
Reliant Supervan III 1970 front
Reliant Supervan III 1970. The Regal 3/25 was upgraded to Regal 3/30 in 1969 with the ohv engine enlarged to 700cc and the rectangular grille reduced to the thin bar just above the bumper moulding. At the same time the van was upgraded to become the Supervan III
Reliant Supervan III 1970 rear
Reliant Supervan III 1970 21E. The '21E ' model was available from 1967 with 21 added extras including metaillic paint, chrome over-riders and twin sun visors.
t_Reliant Supervan III 1970 tail
Reliant Supervan III 1970 21E, The '21E' refers to 21 extras, which included such things as chrome hinges, spotlamps, extra carpet, oil pressure guage ...
Reliant Rebel
Reliant Robin
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