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Porsche 928
With sales of the Porsche 911 slowing down and rumours that America might legislate against rear-engined cars in the wake of the Ralph Nader Chevrolet Corvair controversy, Porsche thought the 911 should be pensioned off. Aiming for a market above the 911, Porsche set the design of the 928 around a front-mounted V8 engine driviving the rear wheels through a transaxle. The distinctive 'shark like' 928 body was penned by Anatole Lapine and Wolfgang Mobius working under Ernst Fuhrman, and a new 4.5litre V8 was put under the bonnet. Only a 2+2 closed coupe body was offered, and the car was launched at the 1977 Geneva Salon. In 1980 electronic fuel injection replaced the mechanical injection, and in the same year announced the 4.7litre 928S with 300bhp. The '928 S2' was just a name given to UK 928S models from 1984-86. The '928 S4' was announced in 1986 with a 5.0litre V8 engine. In 1988 the UK market was offered the stripped out racing 928 CS (Club Sport) and the 928 SE, and for 1989 the 928 CS morphed into the 928 GT for certain markets. The final version offered from 1992 until 1995 was the 5.4litre 928 GTS.
aa_Porsche 928 1984 S2 badge
Porsche 928 1984 S2. Badge on rear panel
Porsche 928 1980 front
Porsche 928 1980. This car shows the 'phone dial' wheels that were given to the original 928, and only changed for the S2.
Porsche 928 1984 S2 front
Porsche 928 1984 S2. The '928 S2' was only sold on the UK market with this name for 1984-6, elsewhere the 'S2' was not given.
Porsche 928 1986 S2 front
Porsche 928 1986 S2. 4.5litre V8 front-engine rear wheel drive Porsche, intended to be a replacement for the 911
q_Porsche 928 1980 light
Porsche 928 1980 - rear light. This was given to the S1 and S2 models, but replaced by a longer wraparound unit for the S4
t_Porsche 928 1980 tail
Porsche 928 1980. This is the pre-S2 model
Porsche 911 1963-89
Porsche 944
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