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Morris FV, FE, FF, FH, FJ
Morris had launched its forward control FV 5-ton truck in 1948, and this was updated as the FV Series II in 1954 gaining an improved cab design. The Series II was now available as a Morris with a heart-shaped grille or an Austin with a horizontal grille, however the revised Series III cab from 1955 eliminated the separate styling even though 'Austin' or 'Morris' badges were applied. The Series III was now sold as the 'FE' and a 7-ton version badged 'BMC' was made available. In 1958 the 7-ton trucks were replaced by the FF trucks and at the same time the lighter FE trucks gave way to the new 'threepenny bit' cab FG trucks. The larger Morris FF was sold as the Austin 45 until 1961 when they were mechanically revised as the FH trucks until 1964, very much looking like a more modern FE truck. In 1964 the new Austin or Morris FJ trucks appeared in the 5 to 7-ton sector, offering a tilt cab which looked like an evolution from FV to FE and FH. The BMC pilot (1968-70) was the next iteration of the FJ, and this in turn became the Leyland Pilot from 1970-75. Another work over saw it emerge as the Leyland G-series and Super-G from 1975-80.
ac_Austin FE 1957 head
Austin FE 1957. The FE (or Series III) was available as either Austin or Morris Fe, but unlike the Seies II the panelwork was the same.
ac_Morris FVS Series II 1954 head
Morris FVS Series II 1954. The FV Series II had a new cab, and was sold with a heart-shaped grille as a Morris, or with a horizontal grille as an Austin.
Austin FE 1957
Austin FE 1957. The FE from 1955 wears the 'Series III' iteration of the Morris FV cab.
Austin FFK140 1962 front
Austin FFK140 1962. Available with 5.1 or 5.7litre Diesel engines, the FFK140 could also be purchased as a Morris FFM
Leyland Terrier 1979
Leyland Terrier. Starting life as the Austin or Morris FJ in 1964, the FJ was normally available as a 5 or 7-tonner, but 8 and 10-tonne prime mover versions were also produced. Unlike the Austin FH, the FJ had a tilt cab. From 1968-70 the FJ cab was regrilled and given to the Leyland Terrier and Laird, and then given to the larger Boxer Clydesdale and Mastiff. From 1975 it evolved into the restyled Leyland G-series and Super G-series
Morris FVS Series II 1954
Morris FVS Series II 1954. A new cab was given to the Morris FV for the Series II model in 1954, and after a year the Series was announced.
BMC Fatih 105
BMC Fatih (Turkey)
Leyland 'Redline' Trucks
Leyland 'Redline' Trucks
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