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Edsel is famous as one of the most disastrous marketing episodes of all time. Launched in late 1957 the Edsel range was named after Edsel Ford and launched as a premium brand alongside Mercury. However, the smaller Edsel Pacer and Edsel Ranger were based on current Ford cars, and the larger Edsel Citation and Edsel Corsair were based on Mercury models and the public were not deceived. Furthermore the public did not get premium build quality for their premium dollars, and the controversial styling by Roy Brown saw the Edsels crawl out of the factory gates to low demand. The 1958 Edsel was offered in Pacer and Ranger models (213 inches long), and Citation and Corsair (218.8 inches long). There were 2 and 4-door Hardtops, Convertibles, 2 and 4-door Sedans, and 5 different Estate cars. Standard wear was the E-400 5,911cc V8 303bhp engine, but there was also the E-475 6,700 V8 345bhp unit. Ford intended to sell 200,000 Edsels, but only managed 63,107. For 1959 Edsel shrunk the range to just Ranger and Corsair models which wre shortened to 210.9 inches. The Ford 'Mileage Maker Six' 3,650cc 6-cylinder 145 bhp was optional in the Ranger models and branded 'Economy Six'. Also offered were a 4.78-litre V8, 5.43-litre V8, and a 5.91-litre V8. Sales for the 1959 Edsel totalled 44,891. For 1960 the Edsel was restyled by Bud Kaufman, taking the new Ford Fairlane design as a basis and trying to give it 'Edsel branding' for little cost. The 1960 Edsel was only offered as a 'Ranger', and only 2846 1960 Edsels were made before the entire marque was terminated.
ac_Edsel Ranger 1958 4-door sedan head
Edsel Ranger 4-door sedan 1958. A 5,911cc (361) ohv V8 303bhp engine was fitted to the entry level Ranger. 6,576 Edsel Ranger 4-door sedans were sold in 1958. Sales were much lower than intended, with only 110,000 Edsels produced in 3 years when the plan called for 100,000 in each year. However, 1958 saw a big recession in American car sales, with many brands selling less than 60 per cent of 1957 figures.
ac_Edsel Ranger 1959 2-door Sedan head
Edsel Ranger 2-door Sedan 1959. For 1959 the Edsel tail was tamed, the 'horse collar' grille transformed into a simple 'spear' shape which was then used as an emblem all over the car to denote 'EDSEL'
ac_Edsel Ranger 1960 2-door Sedan head
Edsel Ranger 2-door Sedan 1960. For 1960 the Edsel took the new body of the Ford Fairlane, gave it a slightly longer wheelbase and overall length, and then restyled by Bud Kaufman to give it the 'Edsel look'. At the last minute the 'horse collar' grille motif was removed and this split grille resembling a 1959 Pontiac was given.
Edsel Pacer
Edsel Ranger
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