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DeSoto 1946
'DeSoto' was a brand name given by Walter P. Chrysler in 1928 to a new mid price range of cars. Hernando de Soto discovered the Mississippi River in the 16th century, although he was less than kind to thousands of people he discovered on his way. In 1934 the DeSoto Airflow gave a new streamlined style to American cars, but the public wouldn't buy it and Chrysler pulled it in 1936. DeSoto Airstream models were more conventional, and in 1939 a new bodyshell grew sales for the brand, with the 1941 'rocket' restyle being well received. For 1942 DeSoto hid the headlamps behind covers. The DeSoto Customs and Deluxes produced 1946 to 1948 used DeSoto's 1942 bodies.
aa_DeSoto Custom 1946 badge
DeSoto Custom 1946. A 3.9-litre 6-cylinder engine powered the DeSoto mated to Fluid drive transmission developed for Chrysler Group cars. A driver could change gear using the clutch or simply leave in one gear and let the transmission cope with changes of gear.
aa_DeSoto Firedome Sportsman hardtop 1957 badget
DeSoto Firedome Sportsman hardtop 1957 - badge on bootlid
ab_DeSoto Custom 1946 grille
DeSoto Custom 1946. DeSoto returned to car production after WW2 and reissued its 1942 models as 1946 models, but without the hidden-headlight. Behind the grille a 3.9-litre 6-cylinder engine
ab_DeSoto Custom 1946 ornament
DeSoto Custom 1946 - bonnet ornament
Chrysler DeSoto 1946 front2
Chrysler DeSoto 1946.
DeSoto Custom 1946 frontl
DeSoto Custom 1946. The DeSoto Deluxes produced 1946 to 1948 used DeSoto's 1942 bodies, and were similar to Chrysler, Dodge and Plymouth bodies..
i_DeSoto Custom 1946 inside
DeSoto Custom 1946 - inside
s_DeSoto Custom 1946 side
DeSoto Custom 1946. For 1942, DeSoto started to move away from the Airstream designs, and the model was put on hold until the end of World War Two when it was revived littled changed in 1946. Longer versions of this 6-window saloon were sold as Taxis and limousines
DeSoto Firedome, Firesweep, Fireflite
Plymouth P15 1946
'Beetles' and 'Beetle-back' cars
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