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Citroën ID, D Spécial, D Super
Launched at the 1955 Paris Salon as the 'DS 19',(a pun on 'Déesse', the French word for Goddess) was launched in 1955. The Traction Avant continued in production for a couple of years as a lower-price model, and in 1957 the cheaper ID 19 (a pun on 'idée', the French word for idea) followed. The ID only had 62bhp or 66bhp from its 1911cc engine, but also had fewer hydraulic assisted systems. The estate car model was launched in 1958 as the ID 19 Break. In 1960 the DS 19 was given more power, and in 1962 the front end was revised, with a cleaner nose and undertray that increased top speed and improved cooling. From 1962 ID 19 power was available from 75bhp to 84bhp, and in 1966 the new 1985cc 84bhp engine was fitted. External driving lamps had been available since 1964 and the famous 'sharknose' front appeared in 1967, with steerable headlamps on some models. In 1968 the ID 19 was renamed 'D Spécial' with a 91bhp 1985cc engine, and a new 'D Super' model introduced with a 103bhp DS 20 engine. The DS 21 2175cc 115bhp engine migrated to the D Super five with 5-speed gearbox to create the 'D Super 5 21'. From 1973-75 there was a 'Break 23' model with 2347cc 124bhp engine. Production ended in 1975 after 1,455,000 were sold.
aa_Citroen D Special 1970 badge
Citroën D Spécial 1970 - badge on bootlid
aa_Citroen D Special badge
Citroën D Spécial - boot badge
aa_Citroen ID 19 badgeb
Citroen ID19 1958 - badge. Only Slough-built cars had this 'Citroen' badge on the bonnet because of the central number plate panel
aa_Citroen ID19 badgea
Citroen ID19 1958 - boot badge
ac_Citroen ID 19  1958 head
Citroen ID19 1958 The grille mounted number plate and bonnet badge "Citroen" identify it as a Slough built car. In 1964 all ID and DS cars were given a more aerodynamic nose.
ac_Citroen ID 19 1961 head
Citroen ID19 1961. Still carrying a detuned version of the DS19 1911cc engine, this ID19 still has the original nose, which got replaced by a more aerodynamic one in 1964
ac_Citroen ID 19 Rally head
Citroën ID 19 Rally 1967. This view shows the second nose of the DS range, cars from 1962 until 1967 bore this nose with pointed overiders and air intakes beneath the headlamps
Citroen D Special 1970 front
Citroën D Spécial 1970. The D Special was the new ID19, introduced in 1969, still with a contrasting roof panel and non-flush door handles.
Citroen D Special 1970 rear
Citroën D Spécial. Introduced to replace the ID19 in 1969, the D Spécial was given body coloured roof in 1971. Later cars acquired recessed door handles from 1972
Citroen D Special 1972 front
Citroën D Spécial 1972. The ID19 evolved into the D Spécial in 1969, and recessed door handles were fitted from 1972
Citroen ID 19  1958 front
Citroen ID19 1958. This is a Slough built car. Citroen ID cars had a 1911cc, 66 bhp engine until 1964. ID cars had a translucent 'cream' roof panel.
Citroen ID 19  1958 rear
Citroen ID19 1958. Citroen ID cars were simplified DS with less hydraulics, but the British-built cars were more luxurious than their Paris-built cousins. Early cars had painted c-pillars and b-pillars, these were given aluminium trims in 1959
Citroen ID 19 1961 front
Citroen ID19 1961. Introduced in 1957 the ID19 (ID for 'Idee') retained hydropneumatic suspension, but had mechanical brakes, clutch and steering. The removal of this assistance enabled the detuned 1911cc (62 or 66 bhp) engine to keep up with the more powerful DS19 which lost some of its power to the hydraulic pump.
Citroen ID 19 1961 rear
Citroen ID19 1961. The ID19 still had a plexiglass rear screen, but in 1963 was given a glass one.
Citroen ID 19 1967 front
Citroen ID19 1967, One of the last 'old style' ID 19 made as the 'sharknose came out in 1968, and in 1969 the 'ID' badge was dropped
Citroen ID 19 1967 rear
Citroen ID19 1967, One of the last 'old style' ID 19 made The unpainted roof was translucent and did not have a roof lining. From 1968 the ID models had a painted roof
Citroen ID 19 Rally front
Citroën ID 19 Rally 1967. Citroën DS and ID cars were surprisingly sucessful in rallying, winning the Monte Carlo Rally in 1959, and 1967 and scoring high places in other years. The ID 19 here has been re-engined with a later 2350cc engine
Citroen ID 19 Rally rear
Citroën ID 19 Rally 1967. In 1956 Citroën feared that the DS 19 was too expensive and commissioned the ID 19 (ID = 'idea') which had less hydraulics and was therefore cheaper.
g_Citroen ID 19 1958 window
Citroen ID19 1963. ID cars had a 'cream' translucent roof. Slough-built ID and DS cars had Lucas 'torpedo' indicator lamps
l_Citroen ID 19  1958 lamps
Citroen ID19 1958. Slough built cars had Lucas electrics. which gave them round rear lamps
l_Citroen ID 19  1958
Citroen ID19 1958. Slough-built cars had British Lucas electrics, 12volt from the start. From 1958 chrome rims were fitted and in 1960 French cars went 12volt. This is a Marchal headlamp.
l_Citroen ID 19 Rally lamp
Citroën ID 19 Rally 1967. This view shows the headlamp on DS cars from 1962 until 1967 with air intakes beneath the headlamps. The spotlamps were optional extras.
l_Citroen ID 19 Rally spotlamp
Citroën ID 19 Rally 1967 - headlamp and optional spotlamp
s_Citroen D Special 1970 side
Citroën D Spécial. In 1969 the ID19 became the Citroën D Spécial, and the ID20 became the D Super
s_Citroen D Special 1972 side
Citroën D Spécial 1972.
s_Citroen ID 19 1967 side
Citroen ID19, One of the last 'old style' ID 19 made, with vertical headlamps prior to the Robert Opron restyle.
s_Citroen ID 19 Rally side
Citroën ID 19 Rally 1967.
t_Citroen D Special tail
Citroën D Spécial. Produced from 1969 to 1975.
t_Citroen ID 19 1967 tail
Citroen ID19 1967. By 1967 the ID 19 had gained many of the features and equipment of the more expensive DS19, including now a glass rear screen to replace the plexiglass one. The translucent plastic roof panel would be upgraded in the next year.
t_Citroen ID 19 Rally tail
Citroën ID 19 Rally 1967.
w_Citroen D Special wheel
Citroën D Spécial - rear wheel. The D Spécial evolved from the ID19, itself a simplified version of the DS19 with hydraulic control only for the suspension.
w_Citroen ID 19  1958 wheel
Citroen ID19 1958 - rear wheel. This shows the suspension 'at rest', the car will rise once the engine is started.
w_Citroen ID 19 Rally wheel
Citroën ID 19 Rally 1967 - rear wheel with arch opened out to allow more movement and make easier wheel changing
Citroën ID Break, Safari, Wagon
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