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RedSimon's Links

A few of the car pictures on these pages were taken by me, and I hope to increase the number of those over time.

By deduction then, most of the rest were "stolen" from other sites.  My thieving fingers went into many sites and the links below are some of the main sources I used. 

If any of you guys object to the use of your photos on my site, please contact me and I will remove them. 

In my defence, I might add that stealing the photos was very easy, and it would have been possible for you to disable the function "Save Picture as" if you really didn't want them taken.  Also, some of the photos I have collected which bear labels proclaiming the site they came off, actually look like the publicity shots released by manufacturers themselves - and I regard those as legitimate takes!

It has been incredibly hard to find good photos of certain cars - especially mundane cars.  What surprises me is that loving owners have proudly snapped their pride and joy and loaded up to the Web only to have ended up with a really dreadful photo. 

When photographing a car, if it is so badly lit that shadows obscure detail, or the angle is too acute then it is useless.  Any car photo should show at least show you clearly whether the car has 2doors or 4, and whether the rear is booted, fastback, hatchback, utility .... 

With a car such as the Ford Anglia, the rear inward sloping window should be plain, the side vents on a Jensen Interceptor should be easily visible so that you can tell whether it is an FF or not, a Ferrari 330 GTC is available with 4headlamps (early model) or 2, and the photo should make it clear which one.  So many photos fail even to do this, and/or were taken on a dark day; they surprised and disappointed me.

Cars that I have owned since I started to drive  
One of my names is "Pininfarina"
About the great carroserie of Pininfarina
Simon used to be a Rally co-driver
A timeline of classic car design
Bertone company site
Fioravanti company site
Pininfarina company site
Austin A40 Farina Club
Cambridge and Oxford Owners Club
Eugenio's Peugeot 404 website

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The names of Pinin, Farina, and Pininfarina are also considered
There are also notes on Pininfarina
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