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Austin Champ
The American Jeep impressed the British Military who commissioned a project to create an equivalent for Britain. Nuffield (Morris) were charged with this work and produced 'The Gutty' in 1945 which was flawed. The vehicle was redesigned to become the Wolseley Mudlark in 1949. Further development took place and Austin won 15,000 orders to produce the vehicle from their then rivals the Nuffield Organisation. The Austin Champ is the result and it was given a Rolls-Royce B40 2838cc engine that Austin manufactured under licence. In 1953 the WN3 civilian version of the Austin Champ started production, and this was given the 2660cc Austin A90 Atlantic engine. Production was discontinued in May 1956 after 12,991 had been built
ab_Austin Champ 1954 grille
Austin Champ 1954 - grille. Willys MB Jeeps had a 9-slot grille, Willys civilian CJ-2 and CJ-3 had a 7-slot grille, and Austin gave its Champ a 5-slot grille.
Austin Champ 1954 front
Austin Champ 1954. This is a FV 1801A/1 of the type FFW ('Fitted For Wireless) and has a Rolls-Royce B40 2838cc 75bhp engine manufactured under licence by Austin at Cofton Hackett
Austin Champ 1954 rear
Austin Champ 1954. The FFW ('Fitted For Wireless') specification included twin bases at the rear for large aerials. There were also extra batteries. There was also an FFR model with the aerial mounted on the wing and which was transferable to other vehicles.
Austin Champ FFW front
Austin Champ FFW. In Australian forces livery, this Champ is FFW ('Fitted For Wireless')
Austin Champ side
Austin Champ 1956. This late model Austin Champ is FFW ('Fitted For Wireless') but no longer has the Snorkel fitted, which was deleted from late 1953.
Austin Gipsy
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