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Austin A40 (ADO 8), A40 Mk II (ADO 44)
Prince Philip thought that Austin styling looked poor compared to other brands, and his comment fired up Leonard Lord to ask Pinin Farina to help out. First fruit of this decision was the 'hatchback' Austin A40 launched at the 1958 London Motor Show as a 2-door booted saloon with a 948cc A-Series engine. In 1959 the Countryman version was launched with a drop-down bootlid and lift-up rear window to give hatchback praticality. In 1961 the A40 was revised with new grille, longer wheelbase and slightly more power as the MkII. For 1962 the 1098cc engine was given to the Austin A40 MkII but the recently introduced Austin 1100 (ADO 16) saw sales of the A40 go into decline.


aa_Austin A40 Countryman MkII badge
Austin A40 Countryman MkII. The MkII A40 had its badges in the bottom corner of the bootlid, whereas the MkI had the badges split by the boot handle.

ac_Austin A40 MkI head
Austin A40 MkI

ac_Austin A40 MkII head
Austin A40 MkII

Austin A40 Farina MkI front
Austin A40. Introduced in 1958, did not replace the A40 Devon and Somerset models, but replaced the small A35 to give a spacious new small Austin designed in Italy.

Austin A40 Farina MkI rear
Austin A40 mkI

Austin A40 MkI front
Austin A40 MkI

Austin A40 MkII Car front2
Austin A40 MkII. Main differences from the MkI were the wide grille and the 1098cc A-series Engine behind it

Austin A40 MkII Car rear
Austin A40 MkII

Austin A40 MkII Countryman front
Austin A40 MkII Countryman

Austin A40 MkII Countryman rear
Austin A40 MkII Countryman. Top-hinged rear window and drop down bootlid created an early hatchback car.

g_Austin A40 MkI Countryman glass
Austin A40 Countryman MkI. MkI Austin A40s had vertical boot handle with badges on either side. The Countryman has a lift-up rear window.

g_Austin A40 MkII Countryman glass
Austin A40 Countryman MkII. The A40 MkII has horizontal a boot handle, and badges are placed at the bottom corner of the bootlid.

l_Austin A40 MkI Countryman lamp
Austin A40 Countryman MkI. The rear light is similar to other Farina designs on Lancias of this period.

l_Austin A40 MkI lamp
Austin A40 mkI

s_Austin A40 Countryman MkI side
Austin A40 Countryman MkI. The Countryman retained the same profile as the saloon

s_Austin A40 Farina MkI side
Austin A40 mkI

t_Austin A40 Car MkI tail
Austin A40 MkI. Car versions of the A40 had an opening bootlid within the rear panel, unlike the Countryman; they also had a larger rear window.

t_Austin A40 Car MkII tail
Austin A40 MkII

t_Austin A40 Countryman MkI tail
Austin A40 Countryman MkI. A vertical handle on the MkI (horizontal on the MkII) enabled the bootlid to be dropped down, after which the rear window could be lifted upwards.

t_Austin A40 Countryman MkII tail
Austin A40 MkII Countryman. This is the 'Estate' version of the A40, with a lift-up rear window and a drop-down bootlid. The Italian-built Innocenti version had a full depth lift-up rear door.

w_Austin A40 Farina MkI wheel
Austin A40 mkI

Austin A30/A35
Austin A30/A35
Austin A40 Cambridge
Austin A40 Cambridge
'Austin Farinas', the BMC ADO 9 (and later ADO 38)
'Austin Farinas', the BMC ADO 9 (and later ADO 38)
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